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Looking to install Phyn Plus in your home?  Uponor Pro Squad member, Kowality Plumbing is an authorized installer of Phyn Plus!

Protect Your Home from Leaks, Conserve Water and Save Money

Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in water pressure — 240 times a second — to alert homeowners the moment a leak is detected, mitigate costly damage through automatic shuto , and diagnose potential problems in plumbing systems before they become an issue. This single device, installed by a plumbing specialist, enables homeowners to manage their water throughout the entire home, even when they’re away.
Peace of Mind: Smart Water Solutions

Phyn Plus Features:

Phyn Plus is a single device that protects your entire homes water system. It installs on your main water line and monitors water usage 24 hours a day. Phyn Plus connects to your homes Wi-Fi and communicates with your smartphone to alert you.

• Real-time mobile notifications alert you to potential leaks, and give you the power to turn off your water remotely using the Phyn app.

• A built-in shutoff valve can turn off your water automatically in the event of a catastrophic leak, protecting you from costly damage.

• Daily diagnostic “Plumbing Checks” notify you of irregular pressure levels and potential ultra-low leaks, helping you prevent future issues.

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Phyn Plus your best protection against plumbing leak damage.

4,000 gallons of water is lost every day from leaky toilets. This can add thousands of dollars to your annual water bill. Ask us how Phyn Plus can help you stop the waste.

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