The Phyn Plus – A Smart Choice for Arizonans

//The Phyn Plus – A Smart Choice for Arizonans

The Phyn Plus – A Smart Choice for Arizonans

Safeguard Precious Water Resources

Long-term water supply is a central focus among Arizona communities and government agencies. The Phoenix metropolitan area is one the fastest growing regions in the United States, with rapid population booms affecting water conservation efforts. Landscaping and agriculture encroach on water resources and threaten water sustainability with seasonal droughts. Uponors new water saving device creates a win-win scenario for home owners seeking to reduce water consumption save money, and be more environmentally conscious. The Phyn Plus pressure wave sensor is a cutting-edge device activated by a smartphone app to safeguard water resources.

Excessive Water Waste Can Boost Water Bills

Arizonians expend close to 2.5 trillion gallons of water each year, mainly on backyards and home appliances. A substantial amount of water waste is connected to irrigation from homes. Invasive plants and lawns have a detrimental impact on water conservation since run offs and waste are common among homeowners. Excessive water waste can boost water bills and even produce penalties.

Phyn Plus – Reduce Water Bills

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Americans can conserve twenty-percent of water by investing in water-saving technologies. Further, Arizonians consume an average of 7,500 gallons of water per month, with the standard bill being in the ballpark of forty-five dollars. Phyn plus has an economical value by reducing water bills and measuring energy efficiency. The latest Phyn Plus technology is a lucrative investment that alerts you to leaks and water overflows before problems turn into big bills.

Intuitive Technology Helps Create a Sustainable Future

Strategic conservation of water usage in Arizona requires highly intuitive technology to create a sustainable future. PhynPlus is a device that grasps the nuances of affordable water access through sensitive monitoring mechanisms. Ruptured pipes and leaks are hazards that can go unnoticed for hours, damaging homes and devastating one’s financial security. Water damage is a pervasive threat to homeowners. Customers who invest in Phyn Plus have the security of knowing a smart device is tracking minute changes in water pressure.

The Arizona landscape is nourished by our water awareness!

Water costs have increased by forty-one percent since 2010. With more than one trillion dollars of water being wasted from busted pipes or agricultural runoffs—the need for leak detectors is crucial. From a long-term perspective, Phyn Plus can save thousands of dollars in water bills and help produce a sustainable energy infrastructure. Arizona has highly variable ecological zones, threatened by water scarcity. Every drop of water is valuable for not only homeowners—but the scenic Arizona landscape that is nourished by our water awareness of sustainable development.

Smart Water Solutions – What’s Driving Demand – Download PDF

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